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With the changing of every year arrives the opportunity to mark an occasion. It was a joyful occasion creating this canvas during the holiday season. The new piece is composed of many elements, gathered and assembled, toward manifesting this year’s art direction. It always feels amazing to see a new collection taking shape, and especially here since many of the forms appearing in this work have origins stretching back many years.

The result of a (multi-annual) art direction. 

This particular visual language is based in a decorative style, as beautifully exemplified in the architecture of many capital cities. The geometries in this artwork are the result of sampling shapes from my own travel photographs, and improving continuously on these ideas. I actually began creating smaller graphic designs for this series more than 5 years ago. In a very memorable way, artwork can represent a process spanning years. With that I am reminded to always keep learning. 

Visual artwork concept design created by Karine Andree.

This artwork is available printed on comfy apparel such as sweatshirt, t-shirt, tank top, and also as fine art print at: