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I provide beautiful and functional visual design, marketing materials and self hosted websites that help my clients launch their brand, develop their business and build their online presence. Need design advice? Have a look around and explore your best design solutions.

What I offer


Visual communication design from logo and brand materials to full visual concept, blog design and ecommerce websites. I offer a full range of web and graphic design on a freelance basis and look forward to working with you to solve your design needs.


01. Visual Design

Storytelling and user experience are essential ingredients for a design-based approach to business. I create complete visual communication journeys with a focus on crafting the essential components for accessible user interfaces.


02. Web Design

Coding a better web is an ongoing obsession. With cornerstone content and dedicated brand platforms, I develop custom websites from site-map to interactive wire-frame, utilizing supported, active code frameworks and web standards.


03. Print Design

Well executed print jobs form the aesthetic building blocks of graphic design. These convey the sight, feel and texture of a message. I make vision-driven print products to inform the brand experience and inspire consistent momentum.

I’m a graphic designer—expressing ideas through text and images.

Get in touch


For general business inquiries or to simply say hello, feel free to drop me a line or get in touch about your next project. If I’ve done work for you before, your referrals and testimonials are always appreciated. Thanks and talk to you soon. @karine.andree