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This month after a long hiatus, I would like to start again with showing an example of the basics. I’m referring to the foundational creative skills of hand drawing and sketching. Back when when I first began studying graphic design, I took a fresh look at the contents of my analog portfolios and notebooks from over the years, for content to add to my new digitized collection. The sketches seen here were scanned at high resolution, then digitally rendered. Parts and pieces from these scans from my university drawing classes have also found their way into some of my larger finished works.

In a mostly digital professional environment, designers are finding new ways to integrate the essential analog practices of drawing and sketching into technology-lead workflows. At the very least, I appreciate digitizing in general as a way of archiving and simplifying. Overall, making the leap to access new creativity software without abandoning my original mediums has given more meaning and continuity to my artwork. By bringing analog assets into the digital realm, creators also discover new forms and techniques in the world of art.