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Case studies

Brand Identity

For your idea, project or business, a complete brand identity starts with clear guiding principles for visual design. It’s part of the designer’s role as a visual thinker and shaper-of-information to discern the possibilities for expressing a company’s shared understanding.

Logo & visual identity.

Design has the potential to communicate and express, inspire and influence. Whether personal or business, your brand should vibe to the level of your ambitions. It starts with a logo, crafted from a strong idea, setting the look for a compelling brand identity.

View the goods, and see how design makes enthusiasm tangible.

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Visual Design

Visual design is a process for creating visual conventions using versatile flexible components. A streamlined visual concept starts with a context for these typical usage patterns. When used across platforms, graphic design and visual communication work to express a brand’s story clearly and consistently.

Style guide & branded applications.

As you grow your business, the style guide provides a visual guideline to follow in the team effort. What’s more, a cohesive design library can free you as a business founder to focus on deeper ways of working and learning.

Early in the design process, this branding guideline acts as a living document as much for the designer as the client. Later it becomes both a process document, and a record of the unfolding design and brand vision.

Visual communication design will move your marketing forward and help you grow your business. With visual design materials, you are equipped with the tools to communicate your ideas and share more of what you do best.