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Aside from the simple pleasure of it, visual artwork results in developing a visual language, a practice that benefits graphic design work also. Some of my previous published canvases are derived from and integrate into my personal brand. The following illustrations rather belong as part of separate portfolio, and I will likely use them for a different brand I am creating this year.

I had previously published the rare piece in this style, and have since unpublished them. This current art direction continues on from that same design language where I had left off, using the same foundational elements and working files.

Samples from a Visual Art Collection.

The samples I produce from this collection have more to do with applications for clothing and soft goods. I feel the patterns and motifs are well suited to artisanal items such as fabrics and small fashion articles. Printing on fabrics brings another new set of considerations as far as achieving beautiful results. The vector style of art again lends itself well to this application.

This time I would like to incorporate more nature photography as a manner of adding texture and color. We’ll see how it goes, here are some of the pieces already complete and in-print.

Original artwork applied to custom designed scarves.