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I love the idea of nature cycling through the seasons, and often muse how the building blocks of the plant world share some common basis to everything in the physical reality. For this piece, I had the inspiration to make the image look as though the vegetation and geometric elements could be intertwined inside the same fabric.

Visual artwork concept design created by Karine Andree.

There are a combination of elements here, some I sketched, some parts photo editing. I blended these raw materials into the overall vector work. The triple crescent shapes come from my sketch book, digitized and sampled from a larger piece, with the textured photography layer bringing pixels into the scene.

File dimensions for this piece make it over twelve thousand pixels tall. Therefore it can print in high resolution at a size of almost one meter, and over half a meter across in portrait format.

Title: Trolls Skiing Co. | Year Produced: 2017 |

The title Trolls Skiing Co, comes from an anagram of the original filename. I use a variety of strategies to name my original artwork, and anagrams tend to produce quite interesting results. The title fits with the cool color palette, resembling a winter scene with spring plants blooming through. And it just so happens that sometimes the trolls do be like that. Thanks friends.

If you would like to support my work you can you can purchase a Fine Art Print of the design in this post, exclusively at my Ko-Fi storefront.