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For each generation of artwork and each line of creativity, I am conscious of wanting to carry the idea to its most complete expression. For this reason I often create a series of canvases from each new art direction I develop.

This latest series evolved from an appreciation for the aesthetics of nature and architecture. My work in depicting these influences has resulted in four canvases showing isolated vignettes using ample white space.

This series contains hand drawn elements mixed with vector art. It is a formula for artwork that I derived from many years of practicing my craft.

The multiple iterations use the same visual language and are based on a method of combining digital and analog art. This mixed-media approach started with the elements from my background in visual art. Over the years I have invested time scanning my hand drawn sketches, which now appear in my work. As I discovered digital and began practicing with the technique and geometry of vectors, I learned how to combine my original sketches with digital vector elements, adding images from the places I traveled to.

If you would like to support my work you can check out these canvases in my print shop: