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With this series I intended to bridge art and design using precise structures set in a surrealist space. The elements on these three book covers were gathered from two hand drawings I made in an architectural style. The first drawing came about in the midst of a move across the country, during a period of renewed excitement from reviewing my old university portfolio. The same momentum brought me to travel to Vienna soon after, where I continued to pursue my interest in architecture. There I made a second drawing in the same conceptual style, practicing more with these drawing tools and techniques.

Expanded artwork, applied to a series of book covers.
Book cover, front pages and inner pages layout.

Over the course of many cumulative actions, spurred by important events, the techniques explored in these sketches formed a thread in my imagination. The impetus to revisit the drawings came years later, from an idea to redesign the cover art for old books found on the internet archive. Thus the third in the series was pieced together in working with the same visual language from the previous two hand drawings and adding digital tools. Working on these drawings was an opportunity to refine a visual framework at the intersection of art and architecture.

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