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For creativity to awaken, sometimes a change of scenery is needed. When I created this artwork around autumn of last year I was living and working in beautiful Paris, a city rich with the history of architecture. The projects that I created during that time were inspired by the decorative-art style, a period in design characterized by detailed geometric shapes, a style which can be seen all around the city.

Title: Clear Glow St. | Year Produced: 2017 |

After it was complete, I sampled details from the piece to create a collection of art-based products. This is where I zoom in to the specific parts of my artwork, making sure everything is aligned, before exporting the best areas to create additional samples to share. This is a very motivating and rewarding process, in that it shows how artwork looks on various consumer products as well as challenging creators to adapt their artwork to fit various canvases.

Art-based products created by Karine Andree.

If you would like to support my work you can check out my merch-store for the artwork in this post: