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Branded microsites represent the designer’s curated catalogue of previous creative direction and copywriting. Just as sketching is central to concept development, the structuring and linking of a set of ideas is a process of active discovery and iteration. The designer’s goal is to actually display artwork within technological constraints, while continuously sharing with the community.


01. Branding

There’s nothing quite like design to inspire and build momentum. Branding materials teach overall content strategy by allowing the user to experiment with online platforms and web technologies. The brand founder’s role is to produce pattern libraries, digital assets, marketing templates and the list goes on.

  • ✪ open courses
  • ✪ material stores
  • ✪ style libraries
  • ✪ resource lists

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#webdesign #digitalmagazine #brandedplatform #styleguide #custompackaging #tutorials #privatepress #wholebody #movement

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02. Products

Storytelling and user experience are essential ingredients for a successful design project. Look-books are where gathered input and data become the central characteristics for new products. The principal role of the product designer is to showcase brand essence through art, interfaces and websites.

  • ✪ membership sites
  • ✪ publication tools
  • ✪ editorial reports
  • ✪ template books

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#userexperience #interfacedesign #productdesign #designtemplates #digitalart #vectorartwork #minimalistaesthetic #papergoods


03. Ecommerce

Utilizing web technologies, cornerstone content becomes branded web platform. Ecommerce highlights the use of functionality to build automation and network connections. The creative director has as a role to implement the product through manufacturing chains, payment gateways and integrations.

    • ✪ handmade goods
    • ✪ custom printed fabric
    • ✪ beautifully designed
    • ✪ responsibly sourced

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#responsivewebdesign #boutiqueecommerce #webarchitecture #mobilebusiness #analogartwork #handcraftedgoods #creativeprocess